Food is refuge.

Chefugee is an association headquartered in Madrid, Spain. We collaborate closely with refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world to organize culinary events – from pop up dinners and lunches to caterings, team building activities and cooking classes.

Back in April 2016, we started as a small ragtag group of volunteers organizing our first pop up dinner in an apartment, together with a refugee chef from Syria. The culinary project grew from small dinners among friends every other month to popular regular events attended by guests from around the globe. Today, we have evolved  into a thriving association headquartered at FoodLab (Calle Juan de Herrera 3, metro Sol/Opera).

The proceeds of all our events are donated directly to the refugee and asylum seeker cooks whom we cooperate with, and to building a future Chefugee fund that aims to support refugee small businesses and enterprises. To date, we have worked together with refugee and asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Cameroon, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela.

We are committed to making the world a more welcoming place for refugees seeking to build a new life in their host country. Chefugee’s mission is to accelerate refugee and asylum seeker integration by providing them with decent employment and earning opportunities, through the power of food. We also seek to create a close global community founded on our values of respect, generosity, compassion and creativity.

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